At a glance

A worldwide network of more than 1600 correspondent banks

BCP has developed, over the years, strong correspondent banking links across geographies to give its financial institution customers access to an extensive network of contacts that facilitate their international transactions.

Our added value lies in our extensive knowledge, experience and relationships in a number of developing countries, which are our niche markets.

We frequently visit our clients' countries and premises to acquire first hand knowledge and understanding of their business as well as the local and regulatory environment in which they operate. Our financial institution customers have discovered that partnership with BCP means a long-term relationship based on friendly, efficient and, above all, high quality services with tailor-made solutions which facilitate their international transactions. BCP is a counterpart of all major financial institutions in developing countries.

While BCP has been traditionally active in regions such as the CIS countries, North Africa and the Middle East during the recent years, the Bank has also expanded in the Far East, Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

The deployment of BCP's own foreign exchange platform was welcomed by most of its counterparts and contributed to the increase of foreign exchange volumes.

“BCP is the trusted partner of many financial institutions worldwide, which require precise, timely, efficient and high quality correspondent banking services”