Wealth Management


Management of Assets

BCP can manage your financial assets, or provide you with advice for your investments, or simply act as their custodian.

Depending on our clients' financial knowledge or the time they have available to take care of their financial investments, BCP offers its clients several possibilities for the management of their assets.

In today's increasingly complex investment universe, the number and variety of investment products are continuously growing and getting more technical. In this highly specialized environment, some clients may not have adequate information, knowledge and experience or simply may not dispose of the time necessary to handle their investments on their own. BCP can manage these clients' portfolios of financial assets on a discretionary basis, in line with the investment profiles that they will have chosen.

Alternatively, BCP's highly experienced investment advisors provide our clients with all the necessary information on the markets, including up-to-date news, company figures, researches and analyses, helping our customers make their own investment decisions and take actions as and when they like. BCP is at its clients' disposal to give professional advice whenever requested, while the final decision remains yours.

Finally BCP can simply be the custodian of the client's financial assets and execute the orders given to his/her relationship manager with the utmost timeliness and precision.

BCP gives you access to a wide choice of securities and financial products; our expertise ranges from the construction of a globally diversified portfolio in any major currency, to well-informed advice in specific asset classes such as emerging markets fixed income securities.